About Me


Nestled under illustrations of dead plants and buried beneath riddles of intimacy lies works inspired by the mysticism of the macabre. Through M’s exploration of death and degradation, divulgement into the concepts of self preservation and deprecation, their art has taken form through medias of all varieties. The innovation of their work lies not in the creation of something never done, but in the revitalization and alteration of things that already exist. M’s craft is a manifestation of their introspection, the physical production of their fears, a story-telling of their insecurities, impulses, and obsessions. Heavily influenced by the complexity of interpersonal relationships, the line between life and death, and the spiritual intrigue of the afterlife, M seeks to create a collection of works that not only shows the viewer the beauty in antiquity but casts a spell which envelopes them into a world of oddity and curiosity.